Today   Eric   en   Wim   make   mixes   for   Radio 10   and   RTV   Totaal   (amongst   others).   They also    produce    remixes    commissioned    by artists and other producers. Sometimes    people    complain    about    how simple   it   became   to   produce   with   Ableton, but   the   software   is   only   a   tool.   Without any   creativity   it’s   impossible   to   make   high quality   mixes   (neither   with   a   DAW,   or   the Oldskool way). Feel   free   to   explore   this   site   and   listen   to some    of    our    productions.    Contact    us    if you   have   a   question,   or   any   comments. Thank           you           for           your           visit!


These      mixers      got      in      contact      with eachother   in   1985   at   their   high   school   and both     were/are     great     admirers     of     Ben Liebrand!    Since    then    they    start    working with   analoq   equipment   (Turntables,   a   tape deck   etc.)   they   learned   about   as   much   as there      is      to      learn      about      beat-      and harmonious       mixing,       oldskool       style. Their    first    digital    encounter    was    with    a Soundblaster   card   which’s   highest   sample rate   was   22   kHz   and   only   7   seconds   could be    recorded.    So    the    cutting    on    the    old Revox   continued   untill   the   quality   of   the sound    cards    and    computers    were    high enough for today’s modern standards.